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Advanced Fraud Tools help to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before a transaction or verification ever reaches a customer's bank. With the help of our partner, Kount, we use hundreds of fraud detection tests - ranging from device fingerprinting to proxy piercing - to analyze each credit card transaction or verification within milliseconds. Based on the results, the Braintree gateway will either accept or reject each request.

Advanced Fraud Tools are not set up on your account by default and require a change to your code. Once you've updated your client-side and server-side implementations, you'll need to enable Advanced Credit Card Fraud Tools in the Control Panel.

Advanced Fraud Tools are not always compatible with third-party shopping carts; you'll need to contact the third party for more details on how their product is integrated with Braintree.

How it works - Chek Safe Advanced Fraud Protection
How it works - Chek Safe Tools

How it works

When you use Advanced Fraud Tools, we'll take information about credit card transactions and verifications created via the API and pass it to our partner, Kount.

Kount is a third-party provider that specializes in fighting fraud by using customer information - like geolocation and device fingerprinting - as well as industry-specific and cross-industry data. By running these data points through its vast database, Kount is able to build a fraud score for each request.

We've worked with Kount to determine which data points are analyzed in order to build accurate fraud scores. The specific data points that we have selected can't be changed, and we keep this information hidden so that fraudsters can't figure out how to work around the system.

While we've found that our Advanced Fraud Tools have been successful for many of our merchants, we know that one size doesn't always fit all. Depending on your business model and sales volume, you might have the option to integrate directly with Kount to customize your fraud detection.

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